Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

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6 reviews for Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

  1. Lara Conacher

    I received the product quickly, the sellers are helpful with everything, in case of a problem they solve it immediately!

  2. Finn Morehead

    I got Cambodian grow kit. I was worried that it would be contaminated, but everything was ok.
    I had two good plush and I am waiting for the third.

  3. Hayden Mahony

    Got 3 large flushes so very happy with Outdated Kits

  4. Jayden McFarland

    The ordering process was easy enough.
    Deliverd in just a few days.
    As this was my first time I did not 100% think I would have success.
    How ever, after 2 weeks with airing and spraying. And building my own heatingmat. It started showing, and in 3 days they were all over the place.
    Had a Great harvest, now I grow 3 other ones aswell. I love this, the process and the effects of use.
    I Will keep doing this, and keep educating myself.
    Probably I Will try to do the culture stuff in the future ????

  5. Elijah Hannam

    delivery was very fast. compared to other shops i had ordered. had 2 short dated boxes, one mexican (fresh mushrooms). to be honest, didn’t saw diference. ( short dated ones were mexican also). everyting was like instruction said. after two weeks, shrooms started to grow, after a week more, got my first flush. from all 3 growboxes got 4 flushes. just holded them near my home radiator in the bag. very easy to use. got around 40g fully dried shrooms. for me 3g is very nice visual hi medium trip / low high trip. for around 4-5 hours. but can manage to think straight. very visual. surfaces n everythng. waiting for the spring time to try them by the fire. thanks a lot to magic-mushrooms. doing great job. till nex time ;

  6. Sophia Fowles

    I just think these team is doing a really good job

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