Mondo® Grow Kit Thai ‘ Ban Hua’

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6 reviews for Mondo® Grow Kit Thai ‘ Ban Hua’

  1. Kayla Praed

    Easy to grow kit, more than one time grow, that brought us a very funny sunday afternoon.

  2. Alannah Borovansky

    Received this kit as replacement to previous faulty one (FreshMushrooms, McKennaii ). Customer support suggested this strain and i trusted them as i am inexperienced in this and was my first time growing.
    Support also sent new instruction as Mondo has few different requirements than Fresh.

    First flush gave me 24g dried shrooms – amazing!
    Second flush gave me around 10g dried.

  3. Zane Shand

    Very nice big mushrooms wonderful trip I am very satisfied great thank you!

  4. Logan Lester

    Really fast and good yield and they make a nice trip too 🙂

  5. Leah Rossiter

    In both cases without any issues. Loads of mushrooms in 3 flushes. Also very potent

  6. Lucy Dunhill

    My first kid didn’t work after 3-4 weeks, and after asking me how I treated it, they send me a new one. Very friendly customer service. The mycelium of my first package was still pure white. It smelled perfect but nothing happened. So I continued to treat it well.
    With the second kid, the replacement, I did something I never did before.
    I build a mono top, created my own substrate, smashed the cake in the bag and mixed it together. I feld so strong within to make a new step to this experience. After 19 days, the substrate were full of hundreds of little pins. Amazing. And a week later I had my first harvest with 19,5 gr dry. And another 8 days later another great harvest, probably again so much dry. The fruit bodies were even bigger and the skin under the cap stayed close, even when they start to open slightly.
    I am curious what flash 3 is looking like. Everything still healthy.
    I work very clean, washing my arms and hands, gloves, mask, spraying
    Alkohol on gloves and Arms, hold my breath when I open it, and for some actions I shower and brush my teeth. It’s really paying out.

    First fresh grow kid. I don’t know what to say, thank you for replacing it, something beautiful but unexpected happened
    After almost 6 to 7 weeks it surprised me with a rich first flush, a medium 2nd flush, together 13 or was it 15 gram dry. The cake is still smelling clean and intense like shrooms, the cake still has weight but nothing happened. The mycelium is now more fluffy. I decided today to try a cold shock in the fridge, but filled the box it only half with water, so it is not running above the top, an intuitive action.
    Maybe, maybe a third flash. That would be great.
    Very happy with the product and service.

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