Magic Truffles Value Pack

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9 reviews for Magic Truffles Value Pack

  1. Jordan Goldsbrough

    I’ve spent over 2h searching for a legit site, the fact that you let the user choose a package delivery station as well as give order tracking just blows my mind. Keep it up! You are amazing.

    Oh, about the truffles tho, they felt a bit underwhelming but that’s probably my personal body resistance problem.

  2. Sienna Dunbar

    These were really great!! I liked the dragon ones best, but be sure to keep them stored in the fridge for longer use. One Mexicana pack had gone a bit past expiry and when I took it my stomach was a bit upset. However, this was a great deal, and definitely will be buying again. I would recommend to anyone who wants a selection of truffles for a good price.

  3. Austin Whitton

    Reliable, fast a and good quality product

  4. Sophia Schauer

    All of them were very good but Dragon’s Dynamite was completely another level, fantastic that one!

  5. Rose Roemer

    Good high for even better money! Don’t miss this!

  6. Mitchell Gowrie

    Quick & easy to order, fast shipping. Fresh & good quality as advertised, helps with insomnia.

  7. Sara Kumm

    Quick delivery, really fresh as advertised, helps a lot with insomnia;

  8. Isabel Becher

    Wide range of strains and theraputic effects on me. Millions thanks for helping with my depression ! I will re-order again and again ! <3

  9. Sara Sharp

    Less than 1 week for delivery (south of France), used between micro and full dosing.
    As far as I can tell (it’s my first experience with truffles), it’s good quality.
    I think I prefer the effect of regular mushrooms (for a full dose), but it’s been definitely nice to try those and I’ll order again, from time to time (maybe some of the stronger variants next time)

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